Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Emergency Crowd Funding Campaign for IDU - Israel Dog Unit


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The Israel Dog unit is now launching an emergency fundraising drive to save the unit and raise the necessary resources to continue its holy, life-saving work to find and rescue missing persons and to quell terror attacks with the use of specially trained search and rescue and security dogs.

The IDU is the number one search and rescue outfit in the Land of Israel finding and rescuing dozens of missing people, often, long after the official government agencies and rescue units have long abandoned the search. IDU has also gained the respect of other professional security forces due to its success in the foiling of many potentially fatal terrorist attacks.

The IDU operates multiple bases throughout Israel with hundreds of volunteers and dogs on call to carry out defensive security missions throughout the year, from the Northern Lebanese border to the Egyptian and Gaza borders; providing security dogs and free training to dozens of Jewish towns, kibbutzim and “settlements” on both sides of the Green Line.

The Kennel Campus in Kfar Tapuach houses several dozen volunteers, providing dormitories and mess-hall dining facilities. The Tapuach campus also serves as a training center for IDU personnel, trainers and security personnel also offering open seminars by world-class international dog experts who conduct working-dog seminars throughout the year.  

The IDU has been hit hard by the Coronavirus. On the one hand, more people are in need of IDU’s life saving security and Search and Rescue services, while on the other hand many of our donors are no longer in a position to help sponsor our activities due to their own financial woes, brought on by the economic corona fallout. Clearly, we need to expand our support base so that more people know about the holy work of the IDU.

For the first time, after more than two decades of existence, the IDU is desperately reaching out to former volunteers, past and present donors and to many families of missing people or victims of terrorist attacks who have directly or indirectly benifitted from IDU services. The IDU was there for you, doing everything within and beyond its abilities to save so many Jewish lives. Now, it is time to save the IDU, so that the IDU will be there for you and all of the people of Israel tomorrow.

Please send this message out to as many pro-Israel friends, relatives and supporters as you can. Add your own personalized pitch and help the IDU during this critical time.

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or send a generous contribution by mail to Michlelet Magen Eretz Israel – POBox 992 Jerusalem, Israel                   

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Direct wire transfer to our account "Michllelet Magen Eretz Yisrael":

IBAN IL40-0122-8600-0000-0063-352 Name: MICHLELET MAGEN ERETZ YISRAEL


re internal wire it is bank 12 poalim

branch 286 ariel acct 063352 for michllelet Magen Eretz Yisrael

To find out how to earmark your contribution to receive a 501c3 tax deductible contribution, or for further inquiry, please call 011972544876709

Or email to mikecanine@gmail.com

If you understand and read Hebrew please visit our website www.israeldogunit.com

Or the landing page for this campaign:


With Love of Israel,

Yekutiel (Mike) Ben Yakov

some videos about the unit:

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