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IDU strives to increase counter-terror measures in the wake of the recent Islamic terror surge in Israel, IDU strives to increase counter-terror measures

IDU expanding anti-terror wing
Last Monday Night – a special exercise was held in Jordan Valley – simulating pursuit of terrorists who perpetrate agriculture-terror and steal flock…
Pictured: IDU training Yonatan (Right) and Zoe to track a stolen flock.
See the link below from an article published on Arutz Sheva about this IDU exercise:

Jew murdered and another two injured in terror attack near Dolev

As we prepared this update of the recent activities of the Israel Dog Unit to fight terror in Israel and to aid in the search of missing people with the use of specially trained canines, we learned of the tragic news of yet another fatal attack in Israel that has flashed over the wire:
Three Jewish hikers were seriously wounded by a remotely detonated bomb at a popular water spring near Dolev. The terror attack happened around 10:15 AM on Friday.

As we told the many who have called us requesting security dogs in wake of the recent attack: “The I.D.U. – Israel Dog Unit vows to continue to step up activities to provide more security dogs to aid in the battle against Arab terrorism in Israel. Any family or “settlement” security team who seek additional means to protect themselves and their communities can request to join our canine security program and apply to receive a security dog and training in the proper maintenance and operation of a patrol dog”***

In Friday's attack, Paramedics arrived on the scene and promptly treated the three seriously wounded people:  Rabbi Eitan Shnerb (Shenrav) from Lod, age 46, now listed in moderate condition, stable and conscious; his son Dvir, 19, who is listed as seriously wounded with stomach and body wounds. He is unconscious and on a respirator.
His daughter Rina Shnerb HY”D, age 17, was in critical condition and underwent resuscitation efforts in the field, but has died from her wounds.The cemetery is being held in Lod Cemetery Friday.
Our condolences to the bereaved family and our prayers for a speedy recovery toRabbi Eitan and to his son Dvir, who remain in critical condition.


IDU AID IN terror-murder INVESTIGATION OF Dvir Sorek HY”D
Yeshiva student/soldier Dvir Sorek was brutally stabbed to death Aug 7, 19. His body was found outside of the back gate to Kibbutz Migdal Oz, in Gush Etzyon.  His grandfather, Rabbi Binyamin Herling was also murdered by Arab terrorists 19 years ago.

IDU rushed to the scene with highly trained cadaver dogs to aid authorities in the recovery of evidence to help solve the case and apprehend the terrorists responsible for the heinous crime.

 Security forces proceeded to conduct an investigation of his murder but shortly after hit a dead end. The IDU was able to send Danna and Milo, two of the finest cadaver dogs in the possession of the unit to help gather evidence.

As we reported in our last update earlier this month: Two months before the murder of Dvir HY”D, The security Chief of Migdal Oz canceled his request made to I.D.U.  for a security patrol/tracking dog, due to lack of funds to maintain the service dog.

Shahab news agency, affiliated with Hamas published tweets comparing the murdered soldier Dvir Shurik to the lamb (offering) in the path of the resistance (this week’s holiday Eid-al-adha).
 "Allah has given us power over animals and has permitted us to eat meat but only if we pronounce his name during the solemn act of taking life,” a description of the merry Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adcha. YM”S.

IDU on scene for Gush Etzion car-ramming terror attack

            Friday, August 16th, the Israel Dog Unit was making its way with a few dogs and volunteers to do some training in the Gush Etzion area, when suddenly traffic came to a standstill not too far from the IDU’s van, traveling across from Elazaar. It was brought to the attention of the IDU that there was a car-ramming terror attack, injuring siblings Nahum Navis and his sister Noam Navis, as well as a reported 3rd victim who allegedly ran off into a nearby field, not even 100 meters from where the IDU van stood. The IDU, with 4 service dogs at the ready, was prepared to assist in the search for the reported 3rd victim who was originally thought missing.
Picture:  The scene minutes after the car-ramming terrorist attack in the Gush area

Missing: Andy Yurovitz (found, alive and safe)                     
                Never a dull moment in the IDU mobile emergency response team van; Friday afternoon, August 16th immediately following the ramming terror attack near Elazaar, the IDU was called to another nearby emergency;  Mr. Andy Yurovitz, an 83 year old gentleman with Alzheimer’s disease had gone missing. Baruch Hashem, Andy was found soon after.

One emergency chases another emergency literally – with the IDU on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week! 
Monday morning while in training near Horashim forest, the Chief of Operations from the Ashdod police precinct called us in to aid in a high risk search for 33 year old Ariella Peres. She was found alive and well shortly after we arrived.

Immediately following the completion of the aforementioned anti-agricultural-terror exercise, despite having worked several days, almost non-stop, Ashdod police again called us in to aid in the search for two high risk missing people who were both later found alive and safe pictured below.                 


Big search day designated for this coming Thursday to find Eli Illovitz
Thursday Aug 29, IDU will be running yet another search to day find Eli Illovitz, father of five whose home burnt down in the Mevo Modiim tragedy, who was last seen near the forest of Meron, before LagBa’Omer. Please help forward picture shown below.

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