Friday, October 30, 2020

IDU News: Israel Dog Unit receives awards, and continues to find missing people and to defend the people of Israel

Since our last news brief, the last few weeks have been majorly successful ones for the Israel Dog Unit.
IDU Recieves award from Bnai Brak Police Chief Oct 27 Lminyanam
For finding missing person Chaim Weizman Levi (alive) in Tel Aviv Oct 7.

IDU briefs and directs IDF soldiers and police during Carmiel search Oct 26.

After more than 24 hours of searching for 24 yr old Doron Reichsveld in The Hilazone Valley, Carmiel, police called in the IDU to run the search. Carmiel Police Commander of Operations called Mike Ben-Yaakov, the head of the IDU asking for him for help saying: "Mike, we have tried everything and Doron is nowhere to be found, we even sent in police canines, we need your help." Mike immediately headed out from the Tapuach base to Carmiel. 

Upon arrival, the police chief of Carmiel requested that the IDU take over the search and put at the IDU's disposal dozens of IDF troops from the Home Front Command who were also sent in to assist. Mike sent out several search teams, each with a IDU tracking dog and handler at the head. Within 40 minutes of their deployment, the missing person's body was recovered dead in the valley.

Unit continues expanding at unprecedented speed
The building in the Tapuach base is continuing to facilitate the rapid growth of the unit. And the purchase of an additional drone brings our drone fleet to four, two of which have sophisticated thermal imaging cameras enabling night-time searches.

IDU now officially receives recognition to enlist volunteers into National Service
Sherut Leumi - the government branch responsible for all national service volunteers, now offers thousands of youth, age 18 to 23, the option to fulfil their national service in the IDU - Israel Dog Unit. Our first three national-service volunteers joined hundreds of non-commisioned volunteers among the ranks of the IDU. Dozens more have applied for the next National Service September draft date.

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Friday, October 9, 2020

IDU News: From responding to Arab terror arson, to finding missing people and a doggy acrobatic show for special needs children...action packed week

 The week of Sukkot in review:

A week to remember for the IDU and all of those who benefited from our unique life-saving services

                                                                  IDU Finds Chaim Weizman Levy

Thursday evening, after searching for Chaim Weizman Levy, and after all of the other units had given up hope, we had a major breakthrough and we were able to find Chaim. IDU volunteers then brought Chaim to Ichilov Hospital after sharing some kosher pizza and cola with him. It appears that this was the first meal Chaim had for quite a while. 

The IDU took the case very seriously; especially in view of the fact that all of Chaim's relatives live abroad, and we feared that Chaim, 67, had suffered from memory loss and was in need of help. Immediately after we found Chaim, we phoned his children and brother in Ohio and put them back in touch.

                                    IDU responds to terror arson attack in Gush Etzyon

Matan, Chief of security for Kibbutz Nahal Oz with Zayid the dog he received from the IDU responding to Arab arson attack in forest near the kibbutz, located in Gush Etzyon

IDU cheers up special needs children with an acrobatic dog show in Jerusalem