Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Important Israel Dog Unit Update עדכון חשוב של יחידת הכלבנים

I.D.U. Update Items: יחידת הכלבנים-  חדשות יכ"ל ועדכון
- Israel Dog Unit in the news - היחידה בחדשות-
- Recent events - עדכון מהשטח-
- Upcoming training and events - Zhenya is back - האימונים הבאים - ז'ניה חזר-
- Important Hanuka Appeal - Best ever Hanukah Gift - המתנה הכי טובה לחנוכה -

יכ"ל בחדשות אתמול - החיפושים בחצור הגלילית אחרי הנעדר שלום דהן
I.D.U. search for Shalom Dahan featured in article yesterday

ז'ניה המאלף האגדי של יכ"ל חזר ארצה ומתחדש האילופים עם ז'ניה ביום חמישי הבא 7.12.17 בשעה 11 בבוקר בתפוח ובשעה 16.30 באחוזת הכלבים באפרת - מי שמעוניין להצטרף חייב להירשם מראש
Dog training with Zhenya next Thursday Dec. 7. 11 AM in Tapuach and 4.30 PM in Efrat

עדכון מהשטח - Recent events
Monday 26/11/17 Efrat Branch of I.D.U. head by Micha Katz Hosted Training Exercise
יום שני 26.11.17 מיכה כץ ראש סניף יכ"ל אפרת אירח אימון שבועי בהרחה ממוקדת וגישוש באחוזת הכלבים

Tuesday I.D.U. Class in Kiryat Atta about operating Command Center for Missing people
יום שלישי יכ:ל קיימה השתלמות בקרית אתא בנושא ניהול חפ"ק וקביעת סדר עדיפויות בבחירת תאי שטח בחיפש נעדרים

Wednesday I.D.U. Led renewed searches for Shalom Dahan In Hazor HaGllilit
יום רביעי יכ"ל ניהל את החפ"ק לפי בקשת משטרת ראש פינה בחיפושים אחרי הנעדר שלום דהן
  מוטי ממסעדת הטאג'ין מפנק את המתנדבים הכלבנים הרעבים אחרי יום קשה של חיפושים בחצור הגלילית

 ישנים באוטו, מעל העגלה על האדמה  בשטח באזור רוויה על יד בית שאן בדרך הביתה, עייפים מדי להמשיך לכלביה בתפוח Noble and tired volunteers sleeping in the field, near Bet Shean in the car and on the mobile kennel, too tired to continue all the way back to Tapuach Kennels after Hazor search Wednesday night
מוזמנים להשתתף במתנה ליחידת הכלבנים לחנוכה - היחידה הזמינה מצלמה תרמית לרחפן של היחידה וחסרים עדין 32000 ש"ח להשלים את הרכישה- זו הזדמנות לתרום בעין יפה למען הפעילות של היחידה- המצלמה החדשה תאפשר תקפיץ באופן משמעותי את היכולות חיפוש של היחידה בכלל, ובמיוחד בלילה. אפשר לשלוח תרומה לעמותת מכללת מגן ארץ ישראל - ת.ד. 2002, ירושלים
Give a special gift to the Israel Dog Unit for Hanukah

Best Chanukah Gift You Could Give – please forward
What can be a better gift – than security and rescue of Jewish lives in Israel?
The Israel Dog Unit (I.D.U) is appealing to all friends of Israel in this urgent Chanukah appeal.
We need your help to continue our vital work - to save lives in Israel with the use of specially trained defense-dogs, as well as Search and Rescue dogs.
There is no unit out there providing our unique life-saving services. Whether it is defending Jewish towns against Arab terrorist attacks or searching for missing people in Israel with service dogs.
The following sponsorships are immediately needed: You can sponsor all or part of any of the emergency items that are so desperately needed now. Any and every donation is needed and appreciated, whether it is 5 dollars or 50,000 dollars. We will put it to immediate and good use!
Thermal camera – 9000 dollars
We have ordered a high-quality thermal camera that could attach to our existing drone, which will enable us to seek and find terrorists before they sneak into Jewish towns, as well as to aid in finding missing people. The camera will be especially useful at night. The special camera is on its way, we are short 9000 dollars to complete payment for the special camera. We have already paid 6000 dollars and only need an additional 9000 dollars to complete payment upon receipt of the camera. This camera will be helpful all day but will vastly improve our night-vision and ability to search in the darkness. It can be the difference of life or death for many Jews in Israel!
We own the drone. We use the drone in daytime searching. We already paid for part of the Thermal camera addition. 9000 dollars will enable us to complete payment for the thermal camera addition, (see attached photo).
Repair of 4X4 Rescue-Response Jeep- 7000 dollars
We own the Ford Explorer. It is just waiting for some repairs and registration to get it back on the road. The 4X4 jeep enables us to transport dogs and handlers off-road quickly and effectively. To buy a vehicle would cost double or triple that amount, (see attached photo).
Funds owed to vet, dog food supplier and dog trainers – 15000 dollars
To properly maintain and train service dogs to the high standards that is necessary, costs money. Dogs need to be fed. Sick or injured dogs need to be cared for. World-class trainers need to be paid, etc. At the very least, we need funds to cover flight and other expenses of good trainers who are prepared to offer free seminars in Israel. Thank G-d our vet, suppliers and trainers are patient with us. But we must bring outstanding bills up to date.
Winterize Kennels and doggy obstacle course for agility and exercise – 10000 dollars
Stipends and grants to our cadets –we owe out 8000 dollars
Thank G-d we have wonderful volunteers, who dedicate many hours weekly to rescue-work with our unit, before and after their military service. We are not in a position to pay them a salary however we do offer them courses and give them student grants that help sustain them and cover their student living needs.
Funds for a used but reliable emergency transport vehicle for dogs and dog-handlers – 18000 dollars
It is not an option to break-down on the way to an emergency response. Our old and unreliable vehicles must be replaced. Besides, in the long run, we will save money not having to repair vehicles constantly.
Funds to complete the construction of our dormitory and dining hall in Tapuach Kennel compound – 35000 dollars
Why should we pay thousands of shekels monthly rent, if we can own our own facilities? 35000 dollars will be enough to build a simple structure that can house dining hall and dorm facility for 30 volunteers, including the plumbing and electrical infrastructure.   The investment is equal to 3-4 years of rent, and the facility is ours, G-d willing for many years to come.
Additional security and breeding service dogs – 30000 dollars
We need to add another 4 breeding and security dogs to our canine arsenal. This will enable us to continue to breed high quality dogs as well as to dispatch security dogs to those who truly need them to secure their villages. 7-8 litters will more than cover the investment.
Please help us continue our life-saving services, please give the gift of life to so many Jews in Israel  - who  count on us at the Israel Dog Unit (I.D.U.) to answer their emergency calls, whether it is a security chief in a town in Judea and Samaria who is relying upon us for a security dog or to respond to a terrorist invasion, or a family of a missing person. In many cases a dog is the only tool that can be used to seek and find a terrorist who broke through a security fence and who is about to carry out a massacre of a Jewish family.
The many millions spent on detection devices and fancy security fences will not help locate the terrorists before they have passed through the fence or after they have already penetrated into the yishuv. Millions have been spent on the fences and other technologies, now mere thousands are needed to complement the existing security infrastructure, and to prevent the terrorist from carrying out a massacre.           Checks can be sent to Michllelet Magen Eretz Yisrael – POBix 2002, Jerusalem, Israel. Tax deductible Credit Card donation can be made through the following link:

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Israel Dog Unit solves murder and more last week יכ"ל מפענחת תיק רצח ועוד מהשבוע שעבר

חיפושים אחרי בוריס באלין הי"ד בקרית ביאליק Search for Boris Balin 14.11.17

קבלת אות הוקרה ממפקד משטרת זבולון על איתור גופתו של בוריס הי"ד
Receiving award from Chief of Zebulin police for solving the murder - finding the body

Allocation of security dog for Bat Ayin, Adiel שיבוץ כלב לווי להגנה לעדיאל מבת עין

Allocation of SAR and protection dog to Yaakov of Pnei Kedem

Show to 120 kids in Sde Bar, Gush Etzyon מופע כלבים (משה בנימיני) בפני 120 ילדים, שדה בר

 פתיחת כלבים בלב (עקיבא) לטיפול בעזרת כלבים על ידי ראש סניף יכ"ל בית שמש 
Grand opening of RBS Therapy dogs by Akiva (IDU) representative Bet Shemesh

Next Wednesday 29/11/17 search day for Sholom Dahan Hazor HaGllilit 8 am - 2 PM
יום רביעי הבא י"א כסלו יום חיפושים לשלום דהן - חצור הגלילית 8 בבוקר עד 14.00

Please send your generous contributions to Michllelet Magen Eretz Yisrael - POBox 2002 Jerusalem, Israel, for more info call 0544876709 (From abroad 011972544876709)

Friday, February 17, 2017

יחידת הכלבנים לישראל (יכ"ל) אירחה משלחת כלבנים מומחים מבלגיה, פגישה עם ראש מועצת השומרון והצגת תכלית למשטרה

יוסי דגן ראש מועצה האזורית שומרון עוקף את החרם האירופאי - ולא חרץ כלב לשונו

החרם נגד ההתנחלויות תופסת תאוצה. אבל הנביחות לא מפחידות את יוסי דגן ראש מועצת השומרון שמוכיח שעם קצת עבודה ויצירתיות אפשר לשבור את החרם ולהביא הישגים לפרויקטים בטחוניים והומנאטרים בשומרון. הפעם דגן הצליח להביא שיתוף פעולה אסטרגי יוצא דופן בתחום הכלבנות.

 יכ"ל יחידת הכלבנים לישראל אירח משלחת של מאלפי כלבים מומחים מבלגיה והולנד בכלביה בכפר תפוח שבשומרון. המומחים האירופאים באו לישראל לסייע ליחידת הכלבנים בחיזוק מערך כלבי ההגנה בישובים ובאיתור נעדרים ברחבי הארץ באמצעות כלבים מיוחדים שיובאו מאירופה. פאול רומפאי כלבן באיגוד הכבאות הבלגי ובוב דיבוקלר שמגיע עם וותק של 36 שנה כקצין בצבא הבלגי בו היה אחראי על יותר מ200 כלבים.

יוסי דגן ראש המועצה האזורית שומרון בירך את המומחים הבלגים על השיתוף הפעולה הבטחוני וגם ועל תרומתם ההומנטארית בעזרתם לאיתור נעדרים בישראל.

יקותיאל (מייק) בן יעקב מפקד יחידת הכלבנים לישראל הוסיף, "הבלגים הקימו ברית אסטרגית עם היחידה המבוססת בשומרון והם באים לפי בקשתינו לסייע בפיענוח מקרים רבים של נעדרים בישראל וגם תורמים רבות לבטחון הישובים. הם באים עם רקע עשיר בכלבנות ומביאים איתם ידע ומקצוענות שחסרים בישראל. יש לאירופאים היסטוריה ומומחיות בתחום והם אוהבי ישראל ומוכנים לשתף אותנו בניסיון העשיר שלהם." 

הידידים האירופאים השתתפו בהצגת תכלית שאירגן מר דודי מייבלום מפקד יחידת יכ"ל בצפון  בה הציגו חלק מהביצועים של הכלבים החדשים לקציני משטרת מחוז חיפה.

בחודש האחרון משטרת חיפה העניקה לדודי ולחברי יחידת הכלבנים לישראל תעודות הוקרה על הצלחתם באיתור נעדרים רבים באזור.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Israel Dog Unit Helps IDF search for missing people after Bus Crash at Maaleh Levona and more

Israel Dog Unit helps search for missing people after bus crash in Maaleh Levonah

At 4.12 AM this morning Friday Jan. 27/01 (Lminyananm) The Israel Dog Unit received an emergency call for help from Meir, Chief of Operations for the Shomron Police Rescue Unit: “Mike, we need your help, a bus crashed through the guard-rail near Maaleh Levona, flipping down the steep hill to the valley below.  Two were found dead, four others were found injured and at least two more people are missing. They flew out of the bus as it flipped over and over again and we can’t seem to locate them. Can you bring dogs with capabilities to find living people? Can you also bring cadaver dogs to recover possible dead people?” Naturally we agreed to come with dogs. I woke the guys up immediately. Within 30 minutes we were ushered in by police and army on to the slope where the bus had landed, hundreds of yards half way down toward the valley. We had 8 handlers, 5 rescue dogs and one cadaver dog with us. The heavy rain and mud combined with the steep incline making this a complex search. By 7.00 AM we gave the ok that the area was clear, everyone had been accounted for. I am proud to say that our volunteers operated swiftly and professionally. The army dog unit only showed up after our dogs and handers had been on the scene for more than an hour.


Our noble volunteers deserve all the credit in the world. They had only returned from a search in Ashqelon hours before this emergency call about the bus at Maaleh Levona. We had worked almost non-stop in Ashqelon from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday evening, looking for Jeremy Maxim.
(Jeremy has yet to be found, please see attached photo and help forward wherever you can online and offline). Our volunteers worked with the dogs and our drone near the North Ashqelon shore through the night and most of Thursday, returning back to Sde Bar and to Tapuach base. After a few hours of rest they were off again to save the lives of those injured in the bus crash.

Dog training schedule this week with Zhenya

Dog training this week will be G-d willing on Sunday Jan. 29,17 Lminyanam as follows:  10:00 AM in Gush Etzyon.And later:  4.00 PM in Kfar Tapuach. If you would like to come please confirm a time-sot in advance and please call once again before leaving to the training to make certain all is still on schedule as planned.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Israel Dog Unit takes 6 Knesset members to Haifa to show them fire damage and to warn about earthquake

The Israel Dog (IDU) unit brought 6 Knesset members and the head of the Knesset Committee for internal affairs to a tour of the forests and communities in Haifa that were destroyed in recent fires. The Israel Dog Unit also presented facts about a potential earthquake and about steps that must be taken that could save many lives if there is G-d forbid an earthquake, including preparing more rescue dogs that could detect live people covered under the rubble of collapsed buildings. 

 During the fires that raged across Haifa and other parts of Israel last month, the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) took command of the evacuation of parts of Romema rescuing children with special needs, who were left behind in a local school. 

Dudu Commander of Haifa branch of Israel Dog Unit (IDU) receives award from Haifa school

See the link of an article about the rescue of the children and a video. 

emergency project for Israel Dog Unit

Israel Dog Unit (IDU) Diary of recent searches for the lost Jews in Israel

Israel Dog Unit (IDU) Diary of recent searches for missing people in Israel

Friday Dec. 23, 16, Ashqelon police called the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) to request assistance in the search for a woman who had been sexually assaulted Thursday and who had left a letter indicating that she was planning to harm herself.

Friday a few hours before shabbat and several hours after we were called, we arrived on the scene with 8 dogs and handlers, planning to spend as much time as necessary to find the missing woman. There was a phone signal from Friday morning, which encompassed a large area of fields, forest, industrial center and building site. We set up camp outside the police station building a make-shift command center. We ran the search from the cold-rainy parking lot near the police station. The dogs and handlers covered a good part of the area we needed to cover by Saturday night, however our missing person was still not found. The police were ready to fold up. As usual when they have no results they call off the search and focus on Tel Aviv. We informed the police that without a warm room that we could operate out of we would have a difficult time continuing, This happens on most searches when the lost person is not found within a matter of hours - the cops go home. I explained to the police that we had at least another 5-10 hours of search time with the dogs to complete all of the areas within the phone signal range. We did what we could with the drone and the dogs, but there was more ground to cover,

The police had no choice, they had to give us the use of their dining room where we could set up our beds and our computers from where we could continue to run the search. It was now Hanuka. The police lit their candles at the front dispatch desk. The dogs remained in cages on the trucks during their rotational breaks and the search continued.

We finished all of the areas that we needed to search without results. Sunday afternoon after to close to 48 hours, we set back for Tapuach, where we would finally light our own Hanukah lights and where we would make a surprise party for Alik, one of our noble volunteers from Bensonhurst Brooklyn.

Thank G-d our missing person turned up in a home for abused women several days later...
The next Shabbat we would be called out again to look for a missing elderly woman from Haifa. In the end, the woman was believed to have taken a bus and we had no clue where to start the search so we stayed home. She was found Friday night confused and slightly injured in the back of a gas station 5 kilometers away from her home. It was a good thing she was found in time to be brought to the hospital without any major injury. It was good we could stay home shabbat finally.
Friday the 6th of January 2017 LMinyanam we got yet another call - Three shabbats in a row. This time the missing person was a 51 year old religious fellow married with five kids, who works as an engineer for the national insurance agency, Israel's social security bureau. He had vanished from a hospital that borders on a forest area in Jerusalem. He was not in good mental shape at the time he was released. He had no money on him. He never returned home Thursday. He was consider to be a high-risk case. We knew he frequented the Jerusalem Forest regularly. By Friday afternoon his family and police began to worry.

I had a serious problem when I received the call for help from the missing man's sister. I was more than half way on the road to Eilat on the way to bring supplies for shabbat for our crew there who were taking a diving course. Having a crew that could dive to search for a missing person when the dog indicates in water is very useful as we learned from previous searches. We had a number of handlers and volunteers in the Jerusalem area who could be called in to search without us. But without our lead crew and the trucks, a serious command center would not be set up. I called Rav Lior our "posek" to ask what to do. Is this the type of search that mandates violating the shabbat? He told me that we should rely only on people in the area who could walk to the search and who would not have to violate the sabbath. Gideon brought Moshe and Yosef there with Teddy, an excellent search dog. They would search in the Jerusalem forest and then walk home. Moshe came back shabbat morning to search in Lifta. Our missing person was found at the kotel, thank G-d, 11 AM Friday morning.
Saturday, Ariel, our Beersheba director found a missing 3 year old child.
Saturday night we were called in to another search n BeerSheba which never materialized...
Sunday we were called to provide another security dog for the community of Bat Ayin for a young family that lives on the edge of that vulnerable area. The Efrat Gush area has been the target of many recent attacks. Two weeks ago one of our dogs - Agree, dispatched to a handler in Elaazar participated in a chase together with the IDF after a terrorist had carried out an attack in Efrat.

This is only a partial list of operations carried out by the Israel Dog Unit over recent days involving rescue search dogs or security dogs.

Serious volunteers needed:
If you are interested in volunteering a year or two to work with dogs breeding, protecting, searching to save lives on Israel, Email back to us or call in Israel 0544876709

Funds needed:
Naturally there are expenses and costs involved to maintain a fleet of security and search and rescue dogs. Vehicles, dorms for volunteers, kennels, gas, electric, food, vet care and so much more

Visit our website and see how you can help:

Checks can be sent to Maginei Eretz LMaan Hazulat. POBox 6592 Jerusalem, Israel, 91060

Israel Dog Unit I.D.U. Update - Seminar with working dogs, recent searches and more


1- Vic Wilms, European Dog Expert to give seminar in Israel together with the Israel Dog Unit I.D.U.
2And upcoming - Training schedule with Zhenya, our Israeli expert trainer

1- Special 3 day seminar for working dogs Tues Jan 16-18 in Efrat

Vic Wilms, a world renowned dog expert from Belgium will be giving a seminar in  Israel on service dogs (tracking, discipline, bite work, sniffing and more for pups and adult dogs), under the auspices of the Israel Dog Unit (IDU).

Monday Jan. 15 to Wednesday Jan. 18, in Efrat

Vic Willms is known for his ability to help handlers reach high ranking scores (BH, IPO 1-2-3  in competitions as well as tracking dogs, and helped police forces around the world to achieve high standard service Sniffing and patrol dogs.
-          Judged many IPO trials in Belgium, Holland, Germany and U.S.A.

-          Gave many seminars and workshops for I.P.O., police,  drugs, explosives, personal protection, security, guard dogs in Belgium, Holland, U.S.A. and Egypt.

-          trouble-shooting behavioral problems

Cost for 3 day seminar only 275 shekels per day, or pay 650 shekels in advance and attend as many days as you wish. Space is limited, so call now to reserve. Seminar free for all I.D.U volunteers. CALL NOW 0544876709

Monday Jan. 15
Jan. 16
Pup segment
10.30 AM Theoretical Lecture on working with puppies at different stages, exposure and socialization, discipline, sniffing, tracking and attack work.
11.15 Practical discipline and attack workshop with pups
12.30 return to classroom theoretical (movie).
13.15  Lunch (bring your own sandwiches or buy sandwiches on premises - light refreshments will be served).
14.15 tracking practical in the field/
15.30 Return to classroom for summary of the day's material re pups, questions - trouble shooting puppy problems and tea.

Adult dog segment
16.00 PM: Adult dogs -Lecture/Seminar on attack work. Theory of prey, play attack aggression, proper bite work, troubleshooting problems for different type of service dogs that need different level bite skills. Detection, seeking finding and attacking on and off leash
17.30 Practical discipline and attack work with adult dogs

Tuesday - Jan 17
11 AM lecture on tracking
11.30 continuation on tracking, movie and questions
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Practical tracking exercises in the field
16.00 beginning of special sniffing detection segment, lecture (movie) Begin practical sniffing work.
17.00 day summary and questions

                  Jan 18
Continuation of Bomb sniffing, and other special sniffing detection theory and practical (and continuation of tracking, discipline and attack work - depends on the participants).

11 - 18 PM (with breaks, bring your own sandwiches, sandwiches can also be bought on premises)

Please note the schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions and based on the needs and the preferences of the participants present.

Achuzat Haklavim in Waze.
Down Rechov Nachal Eshkol (near the tennis courts) or call 0526919989 for more directions.

2- Training schedule with Zhenya

Thursday Jan. 19 - Zhenya will be in Tapuach at 9.00 AM, and in Gush Etzyon at 2 PM.
Monday Jan. 23, Zhenya will be in Tapuach at 9.30 AM and in Gush Etzyon at 2 PM

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