Sunday, November 13, 2016

Exorbitant amount of missing Jews in Israel - are some the victims of nationalist crimes against Jews? And Israel Dog Unit Update

Please read this important IDU – Israel Dog Unit update – And Please help circulate photos of new missing people

1.      Updates re recent searches for missing people in Israel
3.      Urgent notices regarding  2 “new” missing people in Israel
4.      Some cases may lead us to Arab terrorists who kidnapped or murdered a missing person
5.      Dog training schedule for the upcoming two weeks

1-Updates re recent searches by IDU - Israel Dog Unit
Tuesday night, Nov. 8th 2016 (L’Minyanam) the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) received a request from the Israeli police in Rosh HaAyin to help with the search for a missing 27 year old autistic “haredi” man who resides in a hostel on Etzel Street in Rosh Haayin. The man had left a packing center that employs him in Petach Tiqwa at 9:00 AM on Jabotinsky Street in Petach Tiqwa, Monday morning, never to have been seen again. The man, who never went missing for more than a few hours in the past, was already missing for more than 24 hours when we were called into the search. He allegedly was reported to have regularly walked home, all of the way through the fields between Petach Tikva and Rosh Haayin, alongside the highway 483 and then to cut through the tree-line and fields alongside highway 444 that borders on Etzel Street.

We were told that the police had sent up a helicopter over the area, (but for whatever reason, perhaps the fog, the police were not satisfied with the helicopter search). We happened to be in Petach Tikva when we got the call, having a handful of dogs and some equipment, and needing to pass through the area on the way back to Tapuach, where we could get more dogs, volunteers and equipment. We were confident that Hatzalah and ZAKA would continue with the urban part of the search near his work-place and so we drove through the route near the fields where we later commenced the search with the dogs, at sunrise Wednesday morning. While it was clear to us, that he would more likely still be in close proximity to his work place in Petach Tiqva, we realized that if, G-d forbid, he was wounded and laying in the fields, he would unlikely survive too much longer as the weather was heating up, and without water he would not last more than 3-4 days. We now entered day two, since he was reported missing. Time was of the essence.

We met with the police officer in charge of the search and with the parents of the missing person at the police station. The police allowed us to run the investigation and to interview the family. Ironically, the police officers placed in charge of any given search are usually the highest ranking officer on duty at that time in the given precinct where the missing-person-complaint was filed. He is often not an expert in conducting searches for missing people and usually runs investigations about theft, rape, murder or any other current files placed on his desk. The officer sat there as I grilled the parents with the relevant questions to build the profile of the missing person and to decide where to start the search. After I finished the questioning, the officer commended us and said that he had learned a lot from our questions and that he had no further questions. The police were visibly thrilled that we were on the scene. They don’t actually search, but at best drive around on the streets or trails with their jeeps. We also shared with them our new technology to manage searches, in the form of a new smartphone application that enables us to interact with all of our dog handlers on a search, where we can watch at the command center the movement of all of our searchers. Each searcher is seen on the screen in their own color. All movements are merged simultaneously with all the people who have searched on a map.

We now had to set out for the actual search. We set up camp near Etzel Street across from a gas station, adjacent to a bus stop not presently in use due to construction. I was excited to start the search especially in view of the fact that we had another unresolved case of an elderly Alzheimer patient who went missing from that exact spot three years ago. While 3 years is a long time, we thought we might be lucky and come across some lead or bones connected to the other case as well to help bring him to a proper Jewish burial. Naturally our priority was to save a life, and find the younger missing man who would hopefully still be alive. However, you never know what we might come across. One of the elderly man’s sons, a dayan – a rabbinic judge in Jerusalem, calls us from time to time asking us to look for his father. We never have much of a chance due to the influx of urgent life-or-death new cases.

Once we set up our make-shift command center, the police together with Yaniv Finkel the Deputy Police Chief of the Rosh HaAyin precinct came to visit us and to observe our techniques, dogs in action and learn more about our proprietary search application.
See below the pics attached. We also brought along our drone to help in the search of the fields.

E.M.F. Our Missing Person Found, Alive-And-Well

To make a long story short, the day came and the day left, and our missing person had still not been found. We opened our folding beds up to get some sleep late Wednesday night to resume the search Thursday morning. We bought a second-hand bicycle from a garage-sale near the hostel, which was quite useful on the search. Thursday morning we learned that our missing person was found in Petach Tiqva, not far from where he had gone missing, 3 days after his disappearance. I was not sorry that spent the time searching the fields. I was happy he was found in the city. I would have been much more sorry had he been found a week later, dead in the fields.


In the meantime Freddy and Shimon were on their way to help with the search. Our plans were to continue on to Haifa to finish with the search for Shlomo Didya, who had gone missing weeks ago in Haifa but who we had yet to find. We had a number of areas that we still wanted to search with cadaver dogs. However, we were all exhausted from the Rosh HaAyin search. Thus, we sent Shimon and Fred to conduct the search in Haifa through the night and we planned on setting off Thursday morning to help them, if there were still places left to search. We ended up leaving for Haifa and searching until about 1 AM Friday morning, with no results. We still have more to do in Haifa and the search is time-sensitive, while not as much a priority as searching for a person who may still be alive and in need of rescue. However, it is still important to recover a body as soon as possible since there may be little or nothing left of the body by now, as animals are known to eat people in the wilderness, sometimes within a matter of weeks.


While we were searching a nearby forest in Kiryat Atta, for Shlomo Didya, we got a call from Kiryat Atta police (It is all meshamayim) that a 57 year old mentally retarded woman had gone missing in none other than Kiryat Atta. Dudi our IDU – Israel Dog Unit Chief of Operations and Haifa Commander, left us to check out the details of the new case. Within a matter of minutes, without exaggeration, I got a call from Dudi to come immediately, he had found the woman. I arrived on the scene before the police to see the family and the police congratulate Dudi, and to see the wonderful reunification of the family, as tears of joy trickled down their faces. See photo of the woman and her brother walking away, after Dudi’s magnificent finding and rescue of the woman who was wandering about aimlessly, confused in a nearby field.

Well, we did not find Didya but we did, at least, find another missing person. We will have to return if we can to resume the Didya search.

One of the new missing people is from Afula and the other an American woman studying to be a nurse in Haifa, who had a breakdown of some sort and went missing. She has no relatives in Israel and a friend reported her missing when she did not show up for classes. A note of distress was found and it is feared that she might have harmed herself. It is likely that we will soon commence the search for this nurse-in-training later today in Haifa. This case has areas that overlap other unresolved cases as well (Neve Shannan).


4- It is imperative to understand- Some of these unsolved cases may lead us to Arab terrorist perpetrators

 There are hundreds of serious cases of missing people every year in Israel of the 4000 cases reported. In  many of the most serious cases there is no one other than IDU - the Israel Dog Unit to conduct the search in the depth of nearby wilderness. Some of these cases lead us to areas where there are Arab gangs and tribes and we believe that there may be foul play and nationalist motives that could explain some of these disappearances. When we search there are many mitzvoth involved. Naturally, to find and rescue those who are still alive. However, it is also a great mitzvah to find those who may no longer be amongst the living to bring them to a proper Jewish burial, especially where there is none other to perform the “Meit Mitzva”. And if on the way, we can help uncover a gang of terrorists and solve murder cases, and to prevent future kidnappings and murders, this too, is a great mitzvah. We have already found the body of a man who was shot to death.
Please send the photos of the two new missing people and please consider volunteering for the Israel Dog Unit, where you can learn how to search and also learn to be a dog handler for a SAR search and rescue dog. We have dorm facilities for those who wish to learn and to volunteer.

TO DONATE, much needed CONTRIBUTIONS CAN BE SENT TO Maginei Eretz Lmaan Hazulat, POBox 6592 Jerusalem, Israel 91060

Visit our website

FUNDS ARE NEEDED. OUR UNIT DOES THE IMPOSSIBLE LEADING THE UNTOLD BATTLE OF THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN FORGOTTEN OR FORSAKEN- THE LOST JEWS OF ISRAEL. OUR UNIT ENGAGES IN MORE IN-DEPTH SEARCHES THAN THE ARMY, POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENT COMBINED. That is a fact. Despite the fact that we are under-funded receiving zero government aid, we continue to operate and never turn down an emergency call for help. The same is true with our Defense Department that raises security dogs for "settlements" in Yesha and for towns throughout Israel. For many Jews our security dogs are their first and last line of defense against terrorists. We have succeeded in preventing many terrorist attacks over our past 16 years of existence.

We have old vehicles that must be replaced, dogs and volunteers who must be fed and maintained, need new equipment and the list goes on . This is clearly a mitzva which is being neglected and which will not be done by others. The local Rabbis, leaders of the local municiplaities and police, army and security chiefs have reccomended supporting our life-saving services. Please consider doing so. It costs no less than 5000 dollars to prepare each and every fully trained service dog, whether it is a security dog or a SAR dog. It costs no less than 10000-15000 dollars per month to maintain the unit. It will cost us no less than 50,000 dollars to purchase newer more reliable emergency response vehicles. It will cost us no less than 30,000 dollars to sponsor a much needed additional drone with night-vision heat-detection capabilities. It will cost us 30,000 dollars to expand our kennels and to build additional dormitory facilities that are much needed. We could use all of the help that we can get at this time.

5-Dog Training schedule over the next two weeks

Thursday Nov. 17th:
 Training with Zhenya with defense dogs and search and rescue dogs as follows:
Gush Etzyon at 10 AM, in Tapuach at 4:00 PM.

Tuesday Nov. 22:
Training in Gush Etzyon 10AM, (private dog show in Sde Bar 2:00 PM, and training in Kfar Tapuach at 5:00 PM

Please confirm your participation NOW. And then, once again, please call before you set off for the training on the day of the training, to confirm that everything is still on schedule, 0544876709.