Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Disgusting criminals rob car of IDU medic who came to save lives - Campaign to buy a replacement vehicle


Heartless criminals steal IDU medic's vehicle during life-saving treatment

Campaign to buy replacement vehicle


Shmuel Segal, the volunteer commander of IDU's Galil District, came to save the life of a victim who was shot near Zefat.

Shmuel left his family and dashed out in the rain-storm after receiving an urgent call that someone was shot and seriously injured near the Ahbara Junction.

Shmuel was one of the first to arrive at the scene, and was asked by the ambulance crew to join them on their journey to the nearby Ziv Hospital, as Shmuel was offering life-saving treatment to the injured victim.

Shmuel jumped into the ambulance leaving behind the IDU emergency vehicle; the only IDU response vehicle for the entire Zefat-Miron region.

After dropping the victim off at the hospital, Shmuel returned with the ambulance to pick up the car. The car was gone.

No words could properly describe Shmuel's anguish - that while he was risking his life to save a man who was shot and wounded, heartless criminals would rob the unit's vehicle.

There was life-saving IDU equipment in the car as well as medical equipment and personal property connected to Shmuel's dog business.

Dear friends, I appeal to you to open your hearts. Remember this vehicle serves as our only emergency vehicle for the entire region which was used to responds to IDU missing person emergencies, security emergencies and medical calls.

The IDU receives no government funding, despite being the lead Search and Rescue unit in the land.

We are appealing to the general public to help sponsor a replacement vehicle, fully equipped with all of the necessary equipment.

The goal of the campaign is to raise 50,000 dollars.

Thank you, with love of Israel,

Yekutiel (Mike) Ben Yaakov – Tel 0544876709

Email: mikecanine@gmail.com

Find here the bank information for the Amutah- Michllelet Magen Eretz Yisrael

Bank: Mizrahi Tefachot

Branch: Karnie Shomron, Israel: 483

Account number: 405437

Funds can also be donated through our website:





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