Monday, January 9, 2017

Israel Dog Unit takes 6 Knesset members to Haifa to show them fire damage and to warn about earthquake

The Israel Dog (IDU) unit brought 6 Knesset members and the head of the Knesset Committee for internal affairs to a tour of the forests and communities in Haifa that were destroyed in recent fires. The Israel Dog Unit also presented facts about a potential earthquake and about steps that must be taken that could save many lives if there is G-d forbid an earthquake, including preparing more rescue dogs that could detect live people covered under the rubble of collapsed buildings. 

 During the fires that raged across Haifa and other parts of Israel last month, the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) took command of the evacuation of parts of Romema rescuing children with special needs, who were left behind in a local school. 

Dudu Commander of Haifa branch of Israel Dog Unit (IDU) receives award from Haifa school

See the link of an article about the rescue of the children and a video. 

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