Monday, May 30, 2016

I.D.U. - The Israel Dog Unit deploys new dogs

I.D.U deploys new dogs with their new handlers

Over recent weeks The I.D.U. - Israel Dog Unit has commenced training of a dozen new handlers, some of whom have already received service dogs and deployed them in their yishuvim - towns.

Rooky, a beautiful Mallinois Shepherd that we recently imported from Holland, trained for patrol work, has been placed with Louis on the Tapuach Hill. Shalom, of Itamar has recently received Rick, a Belgium Shepherd from the Czech Republic.

In Bat Ayin, Hershkow exhibits attack work with "Chomper" 8 month old pup

Rabbi Gadi Shalvin of Maalot David, on Har Hazeitim (near Maaleh Zeitim) received Liz, a German Shepherd that we also imported recently from Europe.
Rabbi Shalvin and some of his kids with "Liz" their new protection dog

Elaad from Kochav Yaakov, received "Nes", a German Shepherd trained for patrol work. Elaad serves as a member of the emergency response team of Kochav Yaakov. Tony in Elaazar received Ugree, a dog that was born in our Tapuach training program and trained for defense work. Yosef of Avinadav, in the outskirts of Jerusalem received Zoma a dog bred in our Tapuach breeding program and trained for SAR- Search and Rescue by Caryn and Nachshon of our Sdei Bar Branch.

Caryn Yavin our dog-trainer from Sde Bar hands "Zoma" to Yosef -, his new handler 

 Nitai from Itamar’s Hitsim Yeshiva, who resides in Shevut Rachel, near Shilo is due to receive "Bongo" another Mallinois SAR dog that was born in Tapuach in our own breeding program and trained in Tapuach. Raffi, Natan and Azarya all from the hills of Itamar have also entered into our defense-dog training program with their own dogs. This is only a partial list.


More than 40 people are "knocking down our doors," competing to receive one of our 6 new pups

The pups when they were newly born to "Sven" and "Tiger"

Our new pups that were bred from our top two service dogs are in heavy demand. More than 40 people are competing to be one of the six lucky handlers to adopt one of our new pups designated to become defense or Search and Rescue Dogs. There are only 6 pups, 3 male and 3 female in this stunning litter.

It seems that 16 years of serving the Jewish community by providing excellent dogs, and training them for active service has left an imprint on the Israeli Security and Rescue Industry. It is evident from the huge demand for our pups that our name precedes us throughout the land. Top trainers have called, eager to purchase pups from our blood-line of service dogs. Security Chiefs from Judea and Samaria are waiting on line to receive a pup. Policeman, IDF soldiers, border policeman and fire-fighters have shown great interest. And the list goes on. The pups are now almost 6 weeks old and almost ready to be stationed with their handlers to enter into our training program. These four-legged heroic soldiers will, G-d willing, develop into adult dogs that will play a role in protecting and rescuing many Jews in Israel.

Some will be security dogs while others will work to find missing people or victims trapped under
buildings that could collapse, G-d forbid, as a result of earthquakes, missile attacks or gas explosions, etc.

Recent training at a simulated earthquake site. Experts predict Israel could be in for a major earthquake in the near future.
Naturally we will try to deploy the pups with the most serious handlers who will pledge to properly maintain the dogs and who will be most committed and dedicated to the cause of operating a service dog with the intention of saving lives in Israel.

To join the Israel dog unit or to help sponsor dogs and their volunteer handlers, please call us in Israel 0544876709 or in on our U.S. phone number 9174750789. Contributions can be sent to "Maginei Eretz LMaan Hazulat" POBox 6592 Jerusalem, Israel.

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